Quality Goods and Financial Services from the heart of Asia.

Welcome to Bumaru International.

Trade and Financial Services based in Singapore – connected all over the world.

In todays world economy reliable partners around the globe are more important than ever. Bumaru International’s main focus lies on international trade and financial services.
Our mission: To provide consistent first class quality and service to companies and governments around the globe.
Its ressources derive from a broad spectrum of investments in a variety of business sectors worldwide.

Thanks to our well-established partnerships and branches located in Seoul, South Korea and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Hamburg, Germany – one of the biggest and busiest ports in all of Europe – we are able to offer unique opportunities delivering products and financial services to economic centers and promising markets all over the world.

Everything In One PlacE

Business Divisions

We are constantly looking for new opportunities, currently these are our key areas of expertise.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

We are dedicated to delivering quality protective garments and equipment to guarantee occupational safety in hazardous environments as well as to keep the general population healthy and happy.

Medical Devices

 Technology has revolutionized health care and and especially in the current global situation we need professional medical devices like ventilators and dialysis machines more than ever.


Arguably one of humankind’s greatest achievements. We are committed to bringing established and new vaccines to people all over the globe and quite literally save lives.

Personal Care

Everything including but not limited to:

Skin and Hair Care
General and Natural Cosmetics
Wellness Products
Sun Protection
General Care and Cleansing Products


We believe in modern nutrition for a modern lifestyle and using cutting edge supplements to achieve more health and better performance.

Quality Assurance

When it comes to health and well being we will always ensure that our strict premium quality requirements are fulfilled and we are consistently working with suppliers and customers to exceed expectations. It is our believe that reliable quality is the foundation for long lasting partnerships.
We are happy to talk about your individual quality requirements.


Through its well-established network, Bumaru International holds a variety of investments in several business sectors worldwide. In addition to investments in its own production facilities, Bumaru International positioned itself greatly future-oriented with respect to modern payment transactions. We believe that globalization is at its beginning and that future beholds a world vastly interconnected. In every way.

In order to be well-positioned, we have already adapted essential functionalities for the use of crypto currencies.

A diversified Investment-portfolio of most respected global crypto players is self-understood.


Establishing exceptional connections and partnerships takes exceptional people.

Our approach is simple: Above all we value results and ideas.

We believe in result-driven hard work to achieve our goals not just as a team but as a family. We are always looking for smart and motivated people with all kinds of diverse backgrounds who are ready to take action and help provide new and exciting opportunities for us and our trading partners all over the world.

Work hard. Travel far.

Working at Bumaru International means working all over the world – literally. We believe that establishing long lasting business relationships takes more than a video conference. We value our in-person meetings with manufacturers and partners all around the globe.


We are constantly expanding our network of reliable partner companies all over the world. Besides a variety of connections reaching all over the globe we and our long term partners are currently present in four main locations:


  • Singapore 


  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Seoul, South Korea

Partner Companies

  • Hamburg, Germany – SOMA Handels GmbH


Bumaru International Pte. Ltd. 
531A Upper Cross Street
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